Wind Turbine Program Highlights

Wind Turbine Maintenance Team Working and Discussing Inspection

Wind Turbine Technician Program & Course Highlights

The Wind Turbine Technician  program is intended to prepare graduates for career opportunities in one of the fastest-growing energy sectors in the world.  It has been developed for adult learners pursuing basic technician level training through independent study, specifically students who cannot attend college full-time because of work or family commitments. Here are the top reasons why students enrol in our program.

Launched in 2024, our WT Technician training program offers the full accreditation of one of the largest public community colleges in Canada.

George Brown College offers you a number of easy registration and payment options to make it convenient and affordable for you to register in the Wind Turbine Technician program.

One of the most important pieces of our program, that is critical to students success, is our technical, tutorial and administrative support. Our approach is to hire really great people, train them on our programs and then make them really easily accessible by our students

This easy-to-use, computer-based, self-paced program is designed to put you in charge of your technical training. The interactive curriculum, simulation software, student support, and online exams provide a completely flexible learning framework that allows you to learn, study, practice and complete the program on your terms