Simulation Software

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CircuitLogix & PLCLogix 500 Simulation Software

The WT Technician program includes three simulation software products: 3DLab, CircuitLogix Pro, and PLCLogix 500. The 3DLab simulation software is intended to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of electricity and basic electronics using "real-world" components in a user-friendly lab environment. The CircuitLogix simulator is a more advanced electronics simulation package that is used to enhance the students knowledge of WT communication systems, as well as power electronic devices and circuits, including converters, inverters and AC generator control systems. 

3DLab Circuit Simulation

The 3DLab simulator is used in the introductory modules of the program to help students visualize basic electrical circuits and to begin to interact directly with them, just like in a real lab. The 3DLab software creates a multimedia environment that is very engaging particularly for students with no prior, or a minimal, electrical or electronics background.  3DLab allows students to safely perform experiments and further their understanding of simple electrical and electronics circuits that are fundamental to understanding how wind turbine power and control systems function.

Electronics Virtual Lab

CircuitLogix Circuit Simulation

CircuitLogix is a powerful, yet easy to use circuit simulation tool which includes thousands of electronic devices, as well as test equipment and troubleshooting tools.  There are numerous pre-built laboratory projects that are part of the course curriculum, plus students can build and design their own circuits to further their knowledge and understanding of electricity and power electric circuits.  The focus of the lab projects is to reinforce the basic circuit theory that is covered by enabling the students to test and troubleshoot actual circuit schematics that are used in power generation electronics.  By using CircuitLogix, students will enhance their knowledge and skills in the study of communication and power electronics by observing and interacting with devices and circuits that are common in power generation applications.

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PLCLogix Ladder Logic Simulation

The WT Technician program incorporates PLCLogix 500 PLC simulation software that’s the perfect tool to learn the fundamentals of PLC operations and ladder logic programming. PLCLogix 500 emulates one of the most popular PLCs used in wind turbine applications, Rockwell RSLogix. By using PLCLogix and its state-of-the-art 3D Wind Turbine world, students are able to adjust parameters such as wind speed and direction and gain a much greater understanding of how PLCs are able to autonomously control a wind turbine’s operation. 

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